Magnetometry Field Works

Basically, the techniques of magnetic prospecting are aimed at the detection and study of bodies and underground structures from the modifications that the presence of these produces in the Earth's magnetic field, because of the differences in magnetic susceptibility and remanence of The different types of rocks.

It is a method that takes advantage of a natural Newtonian field, so it is not necessary to create it previously and the observations consist in determining the value of the magnetic field in a series of points (stations) that cover, with greater or less density, the zone of study .

Map of magnetic anomalies

Applications og magnetometry

The applications of this technique are varied:

  • Search and prospection of deposits of magnetic minerals or of other associates on them
  • Tectonic and geological mapping studies
  • Study of archaeological sites (both terrestrial and submarine)
  • Detection and location of buried metal anthropic elements and structures
  • Etc

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