The Electrical Methods of Prospecting, also called Geoelectrics, study, by means of measurements made on the surface, the depth distribution of some electromagnetic magnitude.

There are three main electromagnetic quantities used in our geophysical services to identify bodies located in the subsoil. These quantities are:

  • Magnetic permeability.
  • The dielectric constant.
  • Resistivity and / or electrical conductivity.

There are many modalities in the methods of electric exploration of the subsoil, here we will only make reference to those that we consider more used.

Natural field methods:

  • Spontaneous Potential
  • Magnetotelluric

Artificial Field Methods:

  • DC Current Methods: Vertical Electrical Probes (SEV), Electrical Tomography, Body Charged.
  • Variable Field Methods: Electromagnetic Probes and Probes in the Time and Frequency Domain, VLF.
  • Induced polarization.
Electrical tomography

Electrical tomography

Resistivity imaging of complex subsurface structures has recently advanced with the development of multiple electrode and 2D / 3D inversion systems.

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Los tradicionales sondeos de resistividad eléctrica, utilizan una configuración de electrodo convencional, como Schlumberger, Wenner, dipolo-dipolo, polo-dipolo, o polo-polo.Proporcionando un modelo de resistividad eléctrica en profundidad localmente (1D)

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Spontaneous Potential

Spontaneous Potential

The spontaneous potential method is based on measurements, usually made on the surface of the Earth, associated with persistent subsurface charge distributions, such as natural electrochemical processes.

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