Electromagnetic methods constitute the most diverse group in both methodologies and instrumental, being effective tools to address a great variety of problems: groundwater study, mapping of marine intrusion, detection of pollutant discharges, localization of cavities, etc

The versatility and great speed in data collection are the two main virtues of electromagnetic methods in general.

These techniques are necessary in environments where conductivity contrasts are high, but where materials and surface conditions do not allow the application of resistive methods, for example in very arid regions.

Of these surface geophysical methods, our geophysical services more frequently use electromagnetic prospecting in frequency domain and georadar. Which are the most demanded surface exploration instruments in public works and archeology.



The GPR is used to detect changes in electromagnetic impedance of the subsurface, for the detection of subsurface structures with length scales of 1.0 m or less.

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This method allows locating buried pipes, cables and sewers. Its main drawback is that it will not locate non-metallic lines such as plastic pipes.

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