Today geothermal energy is one of the renewable energies with excellent future projection. The use of geothermal energy is associated with a natural geothermal system. In which three main elements are divided:

  • a heat source (magmatic intrusion)
  • a hydrothermal system (circuit of heated fluids and gases)
  • a reservoir (rock area) containing fluids
From an economic point of view, a geothermal resource is concentrated heat (thermal anomaly) inside the earth. With the ability to be transmitted in a geological area, through fluids that can be used in a profitable way.
The study of these areas requires the application of geological, geochemical and geophysical prospecting techniques.

OCSA applies its more than 30 years of experience in geophysical prospecting; applied to geotechnics, hydrogeology, tunnel engineering, dam studies, mining; to geothermal projects. Providing solutions and quality of work

With works carried out in different areas of the world

Campo geotérmico

Geophysical techniques in Geothermal Engineering

The use of geophysics in geothermal exploration allows a better understanding of the potential geological structures to harbor the geothermal resource. Both at the regional level to select areas of value, and at the detailed level to define specific drill locations.
For the decision to use a particular geophysical technique it is necessary to take into consideration elements such as the geological configuration, the type of resource and the depth of the reservoir. As well as the cost of execution.

The geophysical techniques that we have applied to the field of Geothermal Engineering obtaining excellent results are:

Geothermal projects

With almost 700 projects executed since our foundation, it has been in recent years when we have seen a large increase in activities related to Geothermal Energy. Geophysical Prospecting has been a basic tool in the investigation of this sector, mainly in the study of the geological structure of the terrain, identification of faults and fractures in depth, all focused on the collection of thermal waters. Also in filtrations and loss of flow, etc..

Some of the most important projects in which we have participated in the field of geothermics are the following:

  • Thermal Water Collection Project at Monte Real Thermal Baths (Portugal)
  • Geophysical prospection in the Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande Area in San Miguel Island - Azores (Portugal)
  • Thermal Water Collection Project in Termas de Vizela (Portugal)
  • Thermal Water Collection Project in Termas de Chaves (Portugal)
  • Thermal Water Harvesting Project in Vidago Thermal Water Park (Portugal)
  • Thermal Water Collection Project at the Monfortinho Thermal Baths (Portugal)
  • Thermal Water Collection Project in the Vimeiro- Lisboa Thermal Area (Portugal)

Other notable projects for Mineral Water Harvesting were:

  • Mineral Water Harvesting Project in Naamacha Region (Mozambique)
  • Mineral Water Harvesting Project in the Saua-Saua Region (Mozambique)
  • Water Capture Project for irrigation in Grajera - Segovia (Spain)

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