Initially the company was founded in 1980 as "ORELLANA CONSULTORES S.A.", by a group of geophysicists led by Dr. Ernesto Orellana Silva (Professor of geophysical prospecting at the Faculty of Physical Sciences of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid for 19 years). In later years, it became known as "OCSA". Thus in 2010 there was the official change of name to "OCSA PROSPECCIONES Y ESTUDIOS S.L.".

Today OCSA has become a company with a strong reputation in the Geotechnics (roads, dams, railways, tunnels, auscultations, quarries, etc.), Hydrogeology, Mining, Geothermal, Archeology and Marine Research sectors. As a Spanish company of geophysical prospecting

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The team that today forms the company works together since 2003. This highly qualified team, our work of quality, efficiency and commitment to our clients, has made us present in important projects carried out internationally.

Main Team

>Manuel Blanco

Geologist - Geophysicist

>Daniel Bustillo

Geologist - Geophysicist

Contact us

C/ Beja 1 Local 1

28917 - Leganes (Madrid - Spain)

Phone: +34 917 500 904


"We seek efficient solutions for professionals"

"Our techniques such as seismic refraction, high resolution seismic reflection, electrical tomography or georadar reduce project costs"

"We carry out geophysical for large and small businesses"

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