Our company offers services, both technical and advisory, in the field of applied geophysics. Our work is used in different sectors, from civil engineering to the exploration of natural resources. The application of geophysics provides additional resources for problem solving as well as a reduction of overall project costs.


In geotechnical projects the application of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Study of tunnels

Research in tunnels

We carry out structural studies for tunnels. Both the emboquilles and the layout, defining the network of faults and fractures and the layout of the different existing lithologies. For high-depth designs using high-resolution seismic reflection

Projects of dams

Geophysical work on dams

In dams feasibility study designs, foundations, areas of leakage in reservoirs, areas of loans, landslides or clearings

Linear works

Road clearance

On roads or railway lines and land clearing associated structures are studied

Foundation design

Foundation works

Services are provided for constructions that require the knowledge of dynamic elasticity modules, water tables and ripplability indices

Geological research

3d image of Electrical tomography

It is made the definition of geological structures, arrangement of the different existing lithologies or resistivity measures for earth sockets


The application of different geophysical techniques for geothermal is useful in:


Geothermal Field Study

We performed studies to determine the thermal flow gradient

Deep reservoirs

Geothermal reflection seismic result

Our services are applied to the structural characterization of thermal sources in deep areas.


In hydrogeology the use of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Study of aquifers

Hydrogeological resources studies

Our services are used in the recognition of aquifers; To determine its location, characterization and water quality (possible contamination)

Structural studies

Regional water resources maps

The geophysical applications allow the definition of a network of fractures and faults, for the extraction of water resources for bottling plants, thermal plants etc.


In archeological investigations, the application of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Urban areas

Geophysical Services for Archeology

We serve applications for the detection and mapping of old foundations. And detection of bodies and tools

Rural areas

Search for buried structures

We use our funeral burial techniques and object search


At the time of auscultation, the application of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Study in tunnels

Review tunnel covers

We offer applications for the status review and exterior surface coating, under construction and maintenance

Buried services

Detection of buried pipelines

We use various techniques in the search for oil and gas pipelines, and pipelines. And buried foundations

Studies in linear works

Checking the status of asphalts

Roads and railway lines are detected for cavity detection. And as quality control of compaction on site

Pollution studies

Detection of oil leaks

Investigations are carried out on contaminated soils, hydrocarbon leaks, uncontrolled spills, etc.

Airport studies

Auscultation of airport runways

For the flooring of the tracks and parking lots are made, as prevention of subsidence

Studies dams

Control of leaks in dams

Checks for leaks are made on loose material dams.


For mining the use of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Quarry study

Delimitation of quarries

We apply our techniques in the delimitation of quarries and the separation between sterile areas of those that present possibilities of containing economically exploitable deposits

Structural studies

Mapping geological structures

Our services focus on the definition of the geological structure of the subsoil, in subcetable areas of exploitation.
Mapping of faults and fractures

Detection of mineral bodies

Detection of mineral bodies

Use in the search for conducting mineral bodies, sulfur deposits
Detection of mineral masses that by contrast of resistivity.
Search and prospection of mineral deposits (saline diapiros, sulphurs, oil and gas deposits)

Water media

Aquatic projects in the application of different geophysical techniques are useful in:

Harbor and river works

Port operations

We are immersed in studies for dredging, underwater installations (emissaries, artificial reefs, etc.), control of works, regeneration of beaches, work of underwater archeology, marsh filling, environmental studies in rivers, etc.

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