Geophysical techniques attempt to evaluate the characteristics of the terrain based on the measurement of certain physical quantities usually taken on the surface of the terrain. If the characteristics of the terrains are such that the measured physical quantities are quite different from one another, it is possible to locate the contacts between the different layers of terrain.

Geophysical methods should always be considered as complementary research methods. It should be accompanied by direct surveys such as boreholes or pits, and the data obtained through these systems endorsed and contrasted by the results of these surveys.
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Seismic techniques

Seismic techniques

Seismic methods in near-surface geophysical investigations are based on the study of the mechanical response resulting to the propagation of mechanical energy in the subsoil, provided by an active or passive source.

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Electrical techniques

Electrical techniques

Electrical methods use the physical properties related to the passage of electricity controlled by the materials it crosses between various research points and the differences in voltage and current in them.

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Electromagnetic techniques

Electromagnetic techniques

Electromagnetic methods take advantage of frequency variations over time in electromagnetic fields, which originate at the surface. And they study the transport of energy; As they spread or spread through the subsoil.

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Natural field techniques

Natural field techniques

The methods that study the intrinsic properties of the materials and the environment are the so-called natural field. They measure their own conditions, in search of heterogeneities and their possible distributions.

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